Calacatta Dorado Quartz

Discover the Elegance of Calacatta Dorado Quartz

At Ivanti Marble & Granite, we are excited to present Calacatta Dorado Quartz, a stunning stone that perfectly balances sophistication and versatility. This quartz selection features a luxurious white background adorned with delicate, golden veining, creating an elegant and timeless look that is sure to elevate any space.


Calacatta Dorado Quartz is renowned for its striking beauty and durability. The stone’s crisp white surface is gracefully intertwined with rich, golden veining, giving it a distinctive and opulent appearance. This combination of colors brings warmth and brightness, making it a perfect centerpiece for various design styles, from classic to contemporary.

Color: White with golden veining
Finish: Available in polished and matte finishes
Thickness: Multiple thickness options to suit different applications

Popular Uses

Kitchen Countertops: Ideal for its stunning look and durability.
Bathroom Vanities: Adds luxury and a spa-like atmosphere.
Backsplashes: Provides a striking contrast to cabinetry and fixtures.
Feature Walls: Creates captivating focal points in living areas or commercial spaces.
Fireplace Surrounds: Heat-resistant and aesthetically appealing.

Why Choose Calacatta Dorado Quartz?

Timeless Beauty: Elegant veining and a pristine white background.
Durability: Resistant to stains, scratches, and heat.
Low Maintenance: No sealing required, easy to clean and maintain.

Calacatta Dorado Quartz

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